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So You Are Interest in Owning a Yizkor Book Translated into English?

Well, you have come to the right place!

Dr. Jacob Solomon Berger (known as Jack) has been translating Yizkor Books created after the Holocaust from (primarily) Yiddish and (some) Hebrew into English, so that these personal accounts are not left entombed behind a difficult language barrier to penetrate. Of the 1728 such books, 432 are primarily in Yiddish. He has been doing this for over a quarter century, and had produced, among other things, the list shown below.

If you have an interest in owning your own personal copy, you can contact Dr. Berger at the following e-mail address:

You can also discuss, with Dr. Berger, whether you wish to donate a copy of such a book to any library, museum or other Judaica repository that you wish to give such a gift.

This offer is open to the general public, and not restricted to those people who descend from someone that comes from the town address below.

Here is the current price and availability of the books I have translated:

Zelva Memorial Book $54.00 Available
Dereczin Memorial Book $54.00 Out of Stock
Volkovysk Memorial Book: The Trilogy $100.00 Available (one left)
Zamosc Memorial Book $75.00 Available
Szczebrzeszyn Memorial Book $54.00 Available
Cieszanow Memorial Book $54.00 Available
Tomaszow-Lubelski Memorial Book $54.00 Available (one left)
Belica Memorial Book $54.00 Available
Baranovich Memorial Book: The Trilogy $75.00 Out of Stock
Góra Kalwaria Memorial Book $54.00 Available
Zambrow Memorial Book $54.00 Available
Rawa Ruska Memorial Book $75.00 Available (one left)
Utyan Memorial Book $54.00 Being Edited
Belz Memorial Book   In Translation

Here is a copy of an item that Dr. Berger wrote for The Northwest Bergen County Jewish Standard a number of years ago. It outlines the rationale for his endeavors in this area.

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